Lottery Crusher

The Lottery Crusher system is a lottery software type system which we find to be basically the same as many other lottery software systems. They used to claim their system gave users a 100% win rate which was totally ridiculous, looks like they have removed that now as their system really does not work that great at winning. This system averages a 2-4 percent win rate at best (far from 100%) which is about the same as all other lottery software systems, so is really nothing special do not be fooled. They claim to have also helped millions of people win, this is really hard to believe!

So far we have seen with this system lots of false advertising and big hype for a system that produces very little results, this is according to real users who have tested it including ourselves and we gave it a good run for our money. You can get about the same results just using random lottery numbers. People think because a system is in software format it must be good, well think again, they are the worst winning systems and the most popular type systems that marketers hype up to sound great to lure you in, but sorry there are much better systems to use.

All lottery software systems are basically just gimmicks many people get suckered by these types of systems, there are good system not in usual software format that are the real winning systems to use.

We do not recommend this system.
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