Sign To Watch For Indicating A Lottery System Is A Gimmick

We are honest Lotto Guys revealing the good winning lottery systems you should be using. We also reveal the poor winning lottery systems you really should be made aware of.

We know how most people choose lottery systems, big hype sounds great! try that system only to find out it's no where near as good as claimed. Oh well! just try the next one "STOP RIGHT THERE" that's the mistake most people do, falling for the false advertising systems first. You need to start with the good reputable winning lottery systems, then if needed move to the next reputable good lottery system. It is necessary to use a good system to obtain better winning results. We know this is hard to do, but it's ok we are going to show you what you need to know to make a better decision.

If you play the LOTTERY you may as well play to WIN!!!!
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Sign To Watch For Indicating A Lottery System Is A Gimmick

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1- Is the lottery system a lottery software system, If does not say system is software on sales page, then it is not software as can be in many formats. If it says software than it will most likely be a past drawn numbers system (hot & cold numbers) These types of systems are a dime a dozen and are the biggest gimmicks, they always B.S on how good system will win. The real truth is, these types of system are very poor winning systems, they are NOT WORTH USING! Always sold by a marketer looking to make fast cash from you and the data these lottery software systems give you are actually just taken right off of whichever lottery game website and is free for anyone to get, no need to pay for it, only takes a few minutes to do yourself. ALL Lottery Software Is Now Only For Entertainment Purposes Nothing More.

Real serious lottery systems will not be software and will not have an affiliate program, these are the legit types of lottery systems that you should be using as they will actually help better your chances to win, there is absolutely nothing else!

2- Does the lottery system use a scenario such as developed by a Math Professor/MIT Professor ETC? If does it is a B.S system-will be a shady marketer selling system usually from Click Bank or other sellers market place.

3- Does the lottery system allow affiliates to also sell system? This is a clear indication seller only makes money from sales not by winning lottery games-stay clear of these types as there are many all mostly from click bank and JVZoo sellers market. Most all lottery software systems have an "Affiliate Marketing Program" It’s a chain of different people who selling the same product and when they make a sale they get a portion of the money earned. So if is a lottery software system and is sold through a place that allows it to have an Affiliate Program, you have two huge red flags telling you it is a useless lottery system ...... it's a FACT!

4- If lottery system has a subscription would highly recommend you pass on it, way to many people have reported their credit cards being misused (very risky)

These are the signs or RED FLAGS to watch out for when looking for a lottery system

We are the LOTTO GUYS and we are here to steer you in the right direction

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