Lotto Black Book Is fooling people

The Lotto Black Book lottery system is claimed to be a system created by math professor Larry Blair and claims to give users great winning success. This is all been proven false, the system is not created by a professor, it is simply a poor winning system created by a shady marketer. The system is expensive and has been tested out by many people and has received tons of bad reviews. System was also caught using false testimonials and had to change their sales page to hide their dishonest selling methods.

We very highly suggest you avoid this system it is just full of lies and shady advertising all designed by a shady marketer to make fast cash from unsuspecting people.
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Re: Lotto Black Book Is fooling people

Post by SRInvest » Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:09 am

Interesting story behind this Black Book System, been reading. Even though it is gone now, I would have been very skeptical from the start. The whole system sounds far fetched...bordering on just plain my opinion anyways.

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Re: Lotto Black Book Is fooling people

Post by Pasha11 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:42 pm

If I am correct this system was reported by very many people to be not real and dishonest. As we are reading now we can see this was all the truth people have reported.

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Re: Lotto Black Book Is fooling people

Post by MRLucky » Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:10 pm

Glad to to see this bogus system is now gone. I know there were tons of complaints. What the hell are these idiot sellers doing? If your gonna lie and use false advertising you are going down! Glad to see I can still join a forum that is legit and allows the truth to be revealed, unlike a few other forums that are pretending to be giving you the straight scoop on systems, but are really just a cover to sell their fake systems under a different name while pretending to be oh so honest. If any forum sends you to a system they recommend and it is an affiliate link/url you know right then and there it's a con!

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Re: Lotto Black Book Is fooling people

Post by JackpotCot » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:11 am

Nice to see this fake lottery system get caught in all of it's lies. The system is now gone! If you see any lottery system that allows affiliates and or has a scenario claiming the system was created by a "Professor" Don't Be Fooled! No Professor would sell such a system without showing actual credentials. Anyone can fake testimonials and videos, so never trust those period!

Real legit lottery systems will not be Software, only marketers do that sort of crap to try and fool you into thinking it's software so it is easy to use and it will give you winning numbers .... all totally false! Anyone supporting or giving positive reviews on such systems are only trying to grab your money by lying. There are some good legit lottery systems and none of them are software!

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