Formula 1 Lotto Sorry Not Real

The Formula 1 Lotto System system claims to be developed by an MIT Professor Glen Hooke, says he that took 27 years to develop system, although it used to say only 9 years, so already suspect. Yes, another system that claims will give you lottery winning numbers and again by a professor with no credentials so not real. We cannot find any real winners who used this system, all reviews found to be fake and only by affiliates selling the system. This lotto software system was definitely not developed by any MIT Professor many have caught these seller in many lies. The system is just a gimmick developed by marketers to make fast money from sales only. We do not recommend this system at all.
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Re: Formula 1 Lotto Sorry Not Real

Post by MHudson » Sat May 08, 2021 3:38 am

Crazy that some idiot seller would play the created by Professor thingy as it's just not feasible.

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