Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Win Lotto Systems is yet another system claiming to be developed by a Professor William Foster (Oh Really) System consists of lotto software and 50 page e-book. Sales page shows a few lottery tickets with very small winning, this is supposed to make you think it is a great winning system, sorry the system is not so great as many users have reported and lots of suspect issues as to who is really the creator and seller of this system. We know the creator is not a professor (Red Flag) it is a sneaky marketer hiding behind the professor name (Shady) and we also know there are many user complaints that the system is very poor at winning anything. If a system is caught in one lie, there will be plenty more!

We do not recommend this system at all and the cost is steep for a system, just ridiculous!
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Re: Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Post by Lenny82 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:41 pm

LOOK, if it SMELLS a little probably IS!

I have spoken to many and the reality of it seems far fetched, just think about it, no real professor would have such a program and be using other names and so on to sell, just would not happen.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Post by Karlo » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:22 pm

The point is.......if this system was removed from clickbank, that is enough right there to let you know something is a miss. Clickbank only removes sellers/products that they find to be using shady tactics, false advertising, receiving numerous complaints. It all all boils down to one thing! All is not well with the product simple and to the point. Now this system is selling through another marketplace called Jvzoo which I guess seems to allow products that are rejected by other marketplaces, that should ring a bell in your head and raise a big red flag.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Post by Curtis77 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:23 pm

He pushes his lottery system on his forum but acts like system is not his, that is very strange and says a lot right there. He definitely is a fraud and is scared to say it is his system, he would rather pretend to give the system a good review while putting all other systems down even the best systems with the best winning track records. Totally fraudulent review forum and again seems to be from the UK.

Make Sure To Pass This Info On To Others So They Don't Get Conned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Post by PTS » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:53 pm

I have bought so many other lottery systems and read many books about lottery systems and wheels systems and Just like you all, I have had my fair share of issues and disappointments with these so called great lotto systems. Needless to say all but a few of these systems have been "ineffective" including this Win Lotto Systems which I have also tried and agree fully the whole system is just as useless as the fake professor who created it.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Created By A Professor is Hog Wash!

Post by Lance S » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:35 am

Here is something that smells fishy to me. Iv'e been getting emails on a lottery system called "Best Pick Lottery Software" and it sounds very similar to this stupid win lotto systems....I think is by the same states similar advertising and promises. The software says will analyze drawing results, then pick the highest probable numbers and show you exactly what ticket combinations to play, which is exactly what all other lottery software systems do, so same old jargon. Now also states is you do not win in 5 draws will refund you in full.....exactly what this fake professor with win lotto systems promises and of course will not deliver the promise as can make up to many reasons why will not accept honoring the refund.

All!!!! Lottery Software Systems Are Obsolete, they are useless as all data can be gotten by anyone now for free, Do Not Trust Any Software System That Gives You Numbers To Play, It's A CON!

Maybe the admin for this forum could post a topic for this Best Pick Lottery Software System. I will pm you with the site and all what I know about it, then just let others respond what they think about it good or bad.

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