Lotto Cash Machine

Lotto Cash Machine system claims to give you a 48.7% chance to win every time you play your lottery game using the system. We investigated this system and found out it is basically a copycat of another bogus system. This system has no real winners and has a bad reputation. We know the system is created by marketers not lottery experts. Based on our investigation and reviews from user on this system, we do not recommend this system as it is plain and simply a nonsense lottery system designed to make money through sales, not winning lottery games.
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Lotto Cash Machine

Post by Robert81 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:03 pm

You guys are right on the money when you say system is a copy cat system.....the lotto black book system is basically the exact same system. Bought both these systems 2 years ago and I believe they are by the same seller or at least one or the other has copied the system. It really makes no difference, both systems suck......won squat diddly even though both systems claim same high win rate......just B.S hope I could help a few of you to be aware of this fact.

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Re: Lotto Cash Machine

Post by lynnette » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:54 pm

It great that you have made people aware of bogus systems such as wasted on these kinds of systems can't be tolerated. You could check my signature, the website I give is the best site I know that gives good advice on how to win the lottery....they give honest advice.
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