Lottery Winners Stories!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by JD » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:12 pm

This lottery winners story is what you would call stranger than fiction.

This lottery winners name was Julie Cervera who was 69 years old at the time and was from Victorville, California. She was a big winner on SuperLotto Plus back in 2012 winning a sweet tidy sum of $23 Million. Now going back a bit, it was her daughter who had purchased the SuperLotto lottery ticket for Julie. When Julies daughter gave her the lottery ticket, she had put it into the glove box of her ca and then just forgot about it.

Almost six months had now passed, the $23 million jackpot ticket was due to expire at the end of the month. The California Lottery rules state….that lottery winners only have 180 days to come forward and produce a winning ticket to be eligible to claim their winning prize. Julie Cervera came very close to letting that deadline pass and thus losing all what was due to her.

This is where the second bout of luck fell upon Julie as her had no idea at this time she had the winning lottery ticket worth $23 Million. But as luck was upon her the a surveillance photo of her ticket’s purchase surfaced on the internet. The image was pinpointed by using the electronic records kept by the California Lottery for its tickets sales dates and times and had made a last attempt to find the winner.

It was then when Julie recognized her daughter in the image, which then helped her to remember her forgotten lottery ticket she has in her car, she went and retrieved it and found she had won the SuperLotto $23 Million prize.
This is a stranger than fiction lottery story as Julie was on the line of losing it all. She was extremely lucky to have even won and even more lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to see and recognize her daughter in the image, thus prompting her to remember about her lottery ticket in her car.

I do believe Julie was meant to win this lottery and was help by spiritual forces as it is just too strange to happen on it’s own….what do you think?

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by IPlayLotto » Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:06 am

Well this isn't exactly a lottery story, but I thought it was kinda cool to know.

A winning Powerball ticket worth $1.5 billion jackpot was sold in suburban Los Angeles at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills. The winning numbers were 4-8-19-27-34 and the Powerball was 10....The odds of winning were 1 in 292.2 million. Now the cool part of this is that the 7-Eleven store where the winning was bought will get (did get) $1 Million as a bonus for selling it.

I think this is very generous gift, but wonder who gets that $1 Million, the store/owner or the person who sold the winning ticket that day, or is the money split up?.....anyways still a great gift.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Edward P » Fri May 06, 2016 12:24 am

My story has to do with the lottery and occurred about four years back, I was actually virbally attacked for stating I play the lottery and use a lottery system to help my odds at winning. I was by myself sitting in a McDonalds having a coffee and playing around with some numbers to play on the next lotto draw. Two people sitting next to me asked what I was doing, told them putting some numbers together for next lotto draw (I was using a wheeling system) They laughed at me…saying I was an idiot as no system can help you win, numbers are all random, no way of winning with any system. I was getting angry at these complete strangers who pushed themselves onto my own personal business, yet I did retort and just politely smiled and ignored them. Then again they felt the need to put me down once more implying I was foolish for even playing the lottery…implied I was a fool as I was gambling which is stupid.
This is when I stated very politely, that I personally have had much better success hitting numbers when using a system, versus no system. Again they laughed and basically said I was an idiot and am lying. Oh well, such as it goes, what can you do…I just got up and left. I went and got gas and my truck washed. Then I headed over to the Food Mart to pick up a few items. I was in the section where the coffee is and low and be hold there was the two gents that called me an idiot and fool for playing the lottery and using a lottery system. I tried to watch them and stay away so they did not see me. While watching them the one guy bent over to grab something from a bottom shelf…this pushed his wallet out of his back pocket and it fell to the floor, they moved on not knowing the guy just lost his wallet.
I walked over and picked up his wallet and proceeded to the checkout, paid for my items and went to my truck to checkout this guys wallet. Inside I found a few bucks, 4 scratch lottery tickets, a small baggy with what looked to me like dope, 3 credit cards all under different names, misc phone numbers and so forth. I am a very nice person and would have just given the wallet back to the owner, but this guy really ticked me off so…I used the few bucks to purchase my own lottery tickets, scratched his scratch off tickets, one was a winner, cashed that one in, then drove over to the police station and dropped off the wallet at the front clerk. I told them found it lying on the ground in a Food Mart parking lot, they said ok well see the owner gets it back.
I can just imagine what charges are coming his way, dope, strange credit cards, poss more I did not even see. Again, I would never do this kind of thing, but these guys really deserved what they got. Why in the world cannot people be nice, there is no call to put someone down for playing the lottery or using a system, hell this guy was gambling also, so was just looking for trouble, someone to crap on that day and that someone just happened to be me, a 60 year old man minding his own business.
There is nothing wrong with trying to win the lottery and certainly nothing wrong with using a system of any kind that helps a person’s odds a little to win easier. What’s wrong with people who are trying to succeed in winning? Nothing At All! But there is something wrong with people who are plain rude and inconsiderate of others, they want to control you, this is very strange to me, but I am happy I kinda got even with these gents.

You all have a good night and stay healthy..

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by RETRO-T2 » Wed May 18, 2016 2:49 am


The group calls themselves "Rumors 20," (name of a bar and grill on northwest side of Cedar Rapids where they regularly gather out together) This group's winning lottery ticket initially matched all four of the first five numbers drawn and the Powerball number to win the $50,000 prize. Here is where the good stuff happens. They added the Power Play option to their Powerball lottery ticket purchase which multiplied their prize to $150,000.

So if they had not added the power play option, all would have received $2500 each. Now they each receive $7,500 or $5,250 after taxes (booo on taxes)

It just goes to show, when that Powerball jackpot is up their definitely get the power play option.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Darrel W » Fri May 27, 2016 3:05 am

Having big wealth pays your bills but it can’t solve all life’s problems

These twelve broke bus drivers won the lottery and pocketed more than £3million each but found out that winning the Lottery can bring its own set of problems. These 12 lottery winners that life would now be great. They were wrong and endured many family feuds, mostly likely over money, sponging money from them by numerous strangers and big stress levels that landed one of them in hospital. One of the bus drivers admitted that his new found wealth put a tons of stress on him which drove to start smoking again. He thought winning all this money and being wealth, all set in life was going to ease the stress of life, he was wrong!

Over-all these multi lottery winning millionaires say it is a real hassle, there are many learning curves and very hard times, the bills are at least paid on time. You need to keep track of everything when you have lots of money, you have to be careful with your money to make it last, which can be stressful. Other thing have changed as well and lost track of my friends. Had some really good friends but now do to my wealth they don’t want to be around. Seems we all move in different circles now, which is a shame.

Money is good, but things can and will change, possibly for the worse!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by MRLucky » Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:37 pm

I call this lottery story Sweet Lottery Win!

A New Jersey lottery winner won $1000,000 which was excellent timing as he wanted to help his son with his cupcake business (MR Cupcake) The lottery winner MR Manganiotis said life is all about timing. His son Johnny was in need of running an errand and his Dad had decided to go along for the ride. After sitting in their vehicle for a little while, Johnny spotted the Richfield Liquor Store, located at 1362 Clifton Ave and decided to go into the store and purchase a few Mega Millions lottery tickets just for the hell of it. The two board Mega Millions ticket that was purchased netted the lottery big win of $1000,000. Just being in right place at the right time, sometimes that all that it takes to win the lottery.

I wonder if they (Johnny) actually still went through with the cupcake business as when unexpected money comes in, this sometimes initiates a change?

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by stockguy2 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:41 am

Write a lottery story here’s one (funny one). Way back about 1986 or so, we had a visitor that came to stay with us from Archie Missouri and at the time we lived in Toronto Ontario Canada. Ray had never been to Toronto never mind Canada and knew very little about Canada in general. However good old Ray knew about playing the lottery especially liked the scratch lottery tickets or Scratch N Win. We were out and about one afternoon and he said he would like to play some scratch lottery tickets from Toronto to see what kind of luck he had. We stopped at a 7/11 store and picked up 10 scratch lottery tickets, five for him and five for myself. After we both scratched off our tickets Ray had won a whopping $2.00 and me zipo. As a joke I offered Ray $2.00 from my own pocket for the winning ticket just to save time, he said fine but has never seen a Canadian $1.00 bill. Now I have to tell you that we have a very popular store called Canadian Tire and with each purchase you would be given what is called Canadian Tire money, which is not legal tender and can only be used at any Canadian Tire outlet. The funny part is, on the Canadian Tire money there is goofy looking very old looking man that looks like a Scottish bag pipe player with a funny looking hat and a scarf to match, almost like a funny cartoon character…well this is what I gave old Ray for his $2.00 winning lottery ticket, two $1 bills but in Canadian Tire money. He commented and said so this is what Canadian $1.00 currency looks like, then asked me who is that man on the $1.00 bill…I said oh that’s our president of Canada (Canada does not have a president, we have a prime minister for those of you who did not know) Ray said he looks goofy, I said ya he does while pulling into a hamburger joint to eat as Ray wanted something to eat. I said I’ll just wait in the car you can run inside and grab a hamburger with your $2.00 which he did. Now you should have seen the look on his face when trying to pay for his hamburger using bogus Canadian tire money and getting laughed at by all behind the counter, it’s something I will never forget and either will Ray. Just telling this silly story made me breakout laughing again. I guess you would have to be there to see the humor, but as lottery winners stories go, good old Ray did win a big $2.00 HA HA!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Carol Muller » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:10 am

This person played the lottery for 30 years and knew one day he was going to be a big winner. Yes in deed the day finally came for James Riddle A Montgomery County, Ohio, resident on August/2/2016 winning three million on the July/26/2016 Mega Millions drawing, having hit five numbers. He matched five numbers without the Mega ball and checked off “yes” for the Megaplier. The winning Mega Million Lottery Numbers were (01-04-31-36-54). The Mega Ball number was 09.

It took persistence of playing for 30 to win it big. After mandatory federal plus state taxes totaling 29 percent, he received a lump sum of payment of $2,130,000.

Congats to the winner, but booooo to the taxes taken off.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by R Simmons » Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:44 am

I found this lottery winners story a little odd. Here we have a winner of Mega Millions, "Mike" who's tickets matched all five numbers and the mega ball. His numbers were (3, 11, 20, 29, 39 and 26) this winning number combination was worth $12 Million. Mike and his wife are from North Carolina and have been avid players of jackpot games since the NCEL launched in back 2006. Mike stated they chose their numbers which were comprised of numbers that they see in their everyday life.

Mike chose to take the prize as a lump sum which totaled $7.8 Million. They are planning to use a good portion of their lottery winnings, which comes to about $5.3 million after taxes are taken out, to invest in the stock market and plan to visit their family across the country in a recreational vehicle.

All sounds great to me, i just thought the part of investing a good portion into the stock markets was a little odd, as that is not very stable and is gambling that a large majority of investors lose greatly on. If i had won that amount i would not play the stock market at all....i know to many people who lost everything. Just use the money wisely and live a good live you are already set, don't gamble it all away. That is just my opinion!

Earl Mcnott
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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Earl Mcnott » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:04 am

Calgary resident James MacDougall is now a lottery millionaire and he did this by playing the unluckiest lottery number of all. The Calgary man won Lotto 6/49 scooping up $1,623,148.00 on April-6-2016, his selection of numbers played was based on the number 13. All numbers he played relate to 13 such as 1 and 3, 5 and 8 as add up to 13, 13 and 31 to have it forwards and technique..

Of course James says he is looking forward to paying off his debts and looks forward to shopping for a new car and this will make his retirement much easier as well.

His winning Lotto 6/49 ticket was one of eight across Canada to match all six winning numbers on that draw.

His winning lottery ticket was purchased at Gateway Newstand on 1200-37 street SW.

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