Lottery Winners Stories!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by John Dolan » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:17 am

Hey!!! here's an interesting Lottery Winners Story you may enjoy reading.

Seguro Ndabene who lives in Airdrie, a small city north of Calgary Alberta, is a five time lottery winner and comes out on top once more. His lottery winning lucky streak started on Oct-13-2004, when a lucky lottery ticket he bought hit the $1 million dollar jackpot. He went onto winning $100,000, $57,000 and $1,000,000 in other draws before hitting his biggest win a $17-million lottery prize. His total lottery winnings to date are more than $19 million from winning lottery tickets since 2004.

He is considered Canada's luckiest man.

You know it seems that many lottery winners come from smaller cities/towns, maybe best to move possibly to a small town in B.C then if can't win the lottery there is always panning for gold!!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Jimmy K » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:01 am

Here is a true lottery story, we seen the rise and fall of this lottery winner, it's kinda sad but i think it happens to a high percentage of lottery winners.

Back in early 2000 there was person who worked in the same building as my wife and he had won the lottery, not sure which lottery or how much, but he won at least 1 million dollars. Shortly after his big win fall he was driving a used Rolls Royce that looked all decked out, very nice very expensive car. He was now dressing in suits everyday versus slacks and a shirt. People were saying that his personality was changing for the worse, where as before he was seemingly a nice guy, but now had an attitude and was treating all around him like low lifes. He continued in this high society like manner for a good year or so, then one day my wife said the Rolls Royce was gone! He was now driving a Chevy Cavalier (cheap car) and back to wearing jeans and a dress shirt to work, no one knew at that time he had wasted all of his lottery winning on living the high life. I guess from what we were told he was gambling at casinos, buying rounds of drinks to impress the ladies he was dating, just all around spend, spend, spend. His attitude change back to a more humble guy again when his wealth had faded, almost a depressed person now. He went from rags to riches and back to rags in a little over 1 year. I could imagine having that kind of money and wasting it all on nothing and this happens to lots of lottery winners, it’s quite sad really.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by gia44 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:16 am

So people want to win the lottery, yet when they win a large percentage of these winners lose it all!!!!! It’s all that not uncommon for lottery winners to end up with even less money/assets than they had before their big lottery windfall and sometimes they even end up with nothing at all. Is there anything that we simple people can learn from these people who win the lottery big time, then lose it big time?

I think the big winners don’t really understand anything about financial planning or possibly lack plain common sense. They just get all caught up in what they perceive power of money....winning all of that money gives you power. They never seem to seek out real sound advice, just rush into spend, spend, spend. And, most of them all seem to listen to all of their friends and family members, taking all of their advice, who are most likely just standing in line to take advantage of them. This has happened to many lottery winners.

A few lottery winners to mention are:

William Bud Post, he won $16.2 million and he also managed to be $1 Million in debt with-in in a years time

Then there is Janite Lee who won $18 million dollars but was far to generous, giving out her money to some good causes, "But", eight years after winning her big win, Janite Lee had filed for bankruptcy with only about $700 left in the bank. $18 Million what happened?

Then there was a young lottery winner named Callie who won the lottery in the UK taking home 1.6 million pounds. In a very short time she blew all her winnings on drugs, plastic surgery and parties. Here was not ready for such a responsibility as winning the lottery.

Oh well!!!! Easy come, easy go I guess.

Hope you all have yourselves a great new year!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by McNAT » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:20 am

Scratch Lottery Ticket Winner – Easy Come Easy Go

This happen in the state of Virginia a while back. A lady bought a scratch lottery ticket - the ticket was a $20,000 winners as it showed on the ticket after she scratched it and revealed she had a winning ticket. Now all excited and thinking about all the good thing she could do with her winning, all came very quickly to a big feeling of well anger and disappointment when she was informed the scratch off winning ticket was “void” due to an error with the ticket. You would think that the Virginia lottery would back the winning ticket as they are the ones who put it out there, or at least pay out half as it was no fault of the purchaser, but no, no pay out. I think many people would be furious at buying the ticket, scratching the ticket, winning the prize and then get a bomb dropped that the ticket has an error and is void WOW!

I wonder if this kind of thing happens a lot, never have I heard this kind of thing before, should be as law if you buy it and you win, it is yours period! Right!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by PLSR Rep » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:34 am

Ten Employees of American Honda Motor Company Inc. Claimed a $1 Million dollar winning Powerball Ticket

A group of ten employees working at the American Honda Motor Company Inc won the Feb/15 Powerball drawing, this according to the Georgia Lottery.

The group's Powerball numbers match all of the five white balls and were picked via the Quick Pick option. Dennis Burgess, 39 years old said he was in total disbelief when he learned his lottery pool group had a actual winning Powerball lottery ticket.

There were also four other $1 million winning lottery tickets in the same Feb/15 Powerball drawing.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Katie009 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:41 am

I like this lottery winner-she uses the same method I use (of course I never win)

A Maryland Mother gets lucky and wins $50,000 Playing just her usual "Birth Dates" She won the $50,000 in Powerball on the March 22 drawing.

According to the Maryland Lottery foundation, Maya Haddad of Rockville routinely plays the Powerball with her husband. She has been only playing these sets of numbers for about three months or so," said Haddad. "This is such a blessing that I won, especially with these numbers". These numbers are special to her because they are a combination of the birth dates of my son, husband and myself."

Powerball winnerHaddad said she plans to put most of the winning prize money into her two year old's college fund (Nice). "We would also like to use a small portion of the money for a pre-planned trip to Florida, they have be planing for some time now.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Jellyb » Tue May 16, 2017 2:56 am

There are good lottery stories, bad lottery stories and very sad lottery stories, but there is the category of lottery stories that goes beyond like a few of these I have put below.

Lottery winners Colin and Christine Weir gave notable donations to a little girl with cerebral palsy, a promising young artist, and a child in need of a prosthetic limb. There lottery winning were in the $250 Million range.

Lottery Winners Allen and Violet Large chose to donate the majority of their lottery winnings to misc hospitals and other charitable organizations. They won $11.2 Million in the lottery.

Lottery Winner Les Robins who won $111 Million in the lottery dished out large portion of his winnings to build a day camp for children, the children's day cap is called Camp Winnegator.

Lottery Winner Sheelah Ryan helped out a variety of things, everything from paying peoples overdue rents for single mothers and helping stray cats who cannot help themselves, to supporting low cost housing projects so people with low incomes could have a home. Sheelah won $55 Million and thanked God she could help others.

These are just a few lottery winners who won it big and used their winnings to help others as well. If everyone who won it big in the lotto would just pick one area to help out, the whole world would change for the better.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Lance S » Fri May 19, 2017 3:47 am

Hey are few interesting unusual lottery winners.

The first lottery winner Howard Walmsley was really not a lottery winner at all.

This Doncaster painter/decorator convinced his whole family, all his friends, hell even convinced his bank manager and a local car dealer that he had won it big £8.4 million playing the lottery. He got the car dealer to loan him three expensive Jaguars all based on the assumption he was good for it. He tricked many people with lottery winning lies, but in the end was caught when his big lie was exposed to all and he then spent the next three years in jail for it.

As with most people winning the lottery is a dream we all share and would have used it to better our lives and our families lives, but some lottery winners as Ronnie Music Jr (45 years old) did not see using his his $3 million lottery winnings to better anything or anyone including himself. He used all of his $3 million lottery winnings to purchase and then distribute the drug crystal meth. He could have done anything better than that with his winnings and of course that was not all why stop there, he would be also charged for federal gun and drug charges in which he plead guilty to and could face a life sentence in prison.

Some people just do not deserve the opportunity to win the lottery, it is just a shame!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by joanne styles » Thu May 25, 2017 10:43 pm

I can share this story, it is somewhat of a lottery winner story that is kinda spooky.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old a group of us used to get together and go bike riding, sometimes we would go over to an area we called the forest area where there were just dirt roads, forest and the odd old house here and there. There was one old 2 storey farm home in particular that peaked our interest as in the huge yard area was tons of wood, lumber, hay bales and other misc junk stuff which we know mice and garter snakes like to hide under and we wanted to catch them. One evening we were riding bikes past that home and saw the owner, an older grey haired lady working in her yard, we set our bikes down and walked over to her and asked if we could search her yard for mice and snakes (I was sort of a tom boy at the time), she said yes, she did not mind. We also found out through talking to her that her husband had just passed away leaving her alone in the house and had also recently won a larger lottery winning and that she was going to be moving soon.
Well, we were welcome to stop by and look for snakes anytime we wanted as long as we did not make a mess. So about three weeks later myself and another friend went bike riding later in the evening, the sun had just gone down, but we thought we would head over the old ladies house before calling it a night. When we got to the old house we noticed the upper floor bedroom light on, with what looked like a lady rocking back and forth in a rocking chair knitting. We thought we had better not go into her yard at this time of night and said we would come back in the afternoon the next day. When we came back the next day we started looking through the junk stuff until we got thirsty and decided to go to the house and ask if we could have a drink of water. When we knocked on the door, the door just opened and when we looked inside, well, there was no one living there and the place was gutted and looked burnt, we noticed the upper floor was not even there, no upper floor at all, all was taken out. We thought how can that be we were just here last evening and seen the lady in the upper floor bedroom window, but today there is no upper floor. We both got shivers down our spines as we knew that the day before we seen a lady rocking in a chair knitting.
The weeks went passed and we eventually found out that the house did in fact catch fire and the lady was killed in the fire. We knew we had now seen her ghost/spirit, she was still in that house, very spooky thinking about it again. I guess she did not even get a chance to us their lottery winnings with both husband and wife passing.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Tracy Pratt » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:15 am

Check this guys Lottery Story, this is really Unbelievable!

This Lottery Winner could be the world's unluckiest and one of the luckiest at the sametime. This lottery winners name is Frane Selak, he was born in 1929 and is a Croatian music teacher who is now famous for his numerous escapes from fatal accidents and winning the Croatian lottery, he won $1,000,000 dollars.

Starting January 1962, Frane was traveling by train from Sarajevo heading to Dubrovnik, when the train suddenly derailed then plunged into a freezing cold river which killed 17 of the passengers. Frane had some how managed to escape death and had only suffered a broken arm and a few minor scrapes and bruises.

Then about one year later he was again traveling by plane from Zagreb to Rijeka when the cockpit door blew away forcing him out of the plane. All together 19 other people were killed, but Frane had only suffered some minor injuries as he had miraculously landed in a haystack which saved his life.

Then in 1966 Frane was riding on a bus that crashed and plunged into a river in which four people were killed, but again Frane managed to escape unharmed.

Then in 1970, Franes car went into flames due to a faulty fuel pump, he did manage to escape before his car went up into flames.

Then in 1973 Franes car again had caught fire, forcing fire through the air vents. He again suffered no injuries but did lose most of his hair.

Then in 1995 Frane was hit by a city bus, yet once again he suffered only minor injuries.

Then in 1996 Frane again had escaped death when he drove off a cliff to avoid an oncoming truck. Frane managed to land in a tree and could watched as his car explode when it hit the ground about 300 feet below him.

Then in 2003, Franes luick had changed and seemed to have been blessed by the heavens as he won $1,000,000 dollars in the Croatian lottery!

Frane is either "the world's most unluckiest man, or one of the world's most luckiest man," either way i would be nervous as what is around the corner for him, good luck or bad luck! Maybe God felt sorry for Frane as had so many close calls and let him have something to cheer him up.

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