Lottery Winners Stories!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by operator10 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:10 am

My wife and I were driving home late in the evening one night heading down a main side street, which had a lot of parked vehicles along the side of the road. There was a pickup truck just ahead of us driving kinda strange, wandering from side to side, looked to be a drunk driver. The truck went over to the side where the vehicles were parked along the street and side swiped a newer BMW. We decided to follow the truck. We got the trucks plate number and phoned the police on our cell phone to report it. As we were talking with the police the truck had turned into a town house complex and parked, then went into one unit. We told the police we know where the guy lives and we are here right now and will wait for them to arrive, they wanted the directions and would send out a police car. We found a good parking area and just sat there and waited. Now over an hour had passed and still no police car. I got out of our car to stretch my legs and walk about a bit. As I was walking about I seen a lottery ticket on the ground, I picked it up and it had 3 circles around some of the numbers, I just put the ticket in my pocket as just then the police had drove into the complex. I showed the police the truck and where the driver lived, we filled out a forum and off we went. The next day my wife was going to do some laundry and had emptied the pockets in my pants I was wearing the day before, she found the lottery ticket I had picked up. Later on she took the lottery ticket down to the local 7/11 store where they checked it for her and low and behold it was a winning lottery ticket….just a small win but still a winning lottery ticket. We have played the lottery for years and have never won anything, here we find a lottery ticket and it is a winner, go figure!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by DD » Sat May 26, 2018 3:32 am

This happened back about 6 years or so, my good old neighbor who was a real jerk won himself just over $100,000 in the lotto. Well of course being a jerk to begin with he just had to rub it in that he won it big in the lottery and stated that guys like myself would never win anything like he put it “I’m a winner in life and your not”. I replied back “Thank you very little, and you have yourself a good day”.
I’ll just call my neighbor fred which is his real name of course, but it’s easier than saying my neighbor every time. Well good old fred who throws his garbage from his yard into mine on many an occasion was doing just that as I was coming home from work. I said hey fred please do not throw that garbage in my yard, you just won the lottery time to grow up a little. He replied whatever loser, just got me a brand spankin new chev 4x4, it’s lookin fine! I need to sell off my old junker van, you wanna buy it, it’s perfect for losers such as yourself. I just laughed and said to myself as I walked away and into my home “you’ll get yours buddy”. I had a plan and it would be funny as hell, we’ll to me anyways.
Now that fred had lot’s of extra money I was sure he was gonna up his beer drinkin and I was right on target. Now fred was making beer runs 2 times a night and he was driving loaded in his new chevy truck. From where I sit in my home watching TV, I have a perfect view of his drive way/new truck. Every time he went out I seen him come back carrying a case of cold beer. I know exactly with liquor store he is going to, so to get even with this a-hole, every time I saw him get into his truck at about 9 pm, I got on the old cell phone and called the police, reported him (had his truck licence plates) as a drunk driver. He did not get back as fast this time, I assumed he was stopped by police, but did not know what had happened. Now his ex wife who works in the same mall as my wife talks to my wife all the time. I found out a few days later that he was in fact stopped by police, but all he got was a fine for speeding and a warning.
Well it only took fred 4 days and was back at the drinking as usual. About 9 pm he heading out to grab more beer, driving drunk of course. This time I called the cops and really emphisized thre eratic driving of a chevy truck with licence plate number so and so, said I believe the driver is very intoxicated and should be stopped before he kills someone. Sure enough a few hours went by and no sign of fred returning home. Next day saw a cab pull up in front of freds house and fred got out, I guess his new chevy was impounded. Also found out a few days later he had lost his licence for drunk driving, Nice! I win and fred is now the lottery winner and biggest loser of all.
Saw fred in his back yard, I asked hime where his new chevy went as havn’t seen it around. He lied and said he was lending to a friend for a while, called me a douche for no reason and walked away. That weekend a friend of freds came over I take it to do some drinking. I saw them out in the back yard all drunked up being very loud. Then saw fred with his buddy getting into his buddies car, fred was driving. I knew exactly where he was of to, call the cops again reported a erratic drunk driver just like before. Well it’s been a week and have not seen hide nor hair of fred since. I take it he is locked up in jail awaiting trial for drunk driving again.
You know, I would never have called the cops on fred if he would have been more polite to me, but being a recently big lottery winner turned fred into a real jerk and he is now the big loser and I am the big winner!!!!!!!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by PTS » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:05 am

August 14, 2018 - A 58-year-old engineer Mega Millions lottery player from Southern Maryland is flying pretty high after becoming Maryland’s newest millionaire winning Mega Millions Friday night. This very lucky Charles County man won the $1 million second-tier prize on the Aug/10 Mega Millions drawing and was the only U.S. player to win.

His lottery luck took place at an Indian Head store only days before the drawing. He was waiting for a buddy and figured he would stop by Lee’s Market to get his lottery numbers. He bought a few Powerball tickets and a single Mega Millions lottery ticket at the store.
Last weekend, he was visiting his mom when he decided to check his $2 quick-pick Mega Millions ticket and a few others to see if he’d had any luck. When he checked his lottery numbers he was very surprised he had won on the Mega Millions lottery ticket. He called his wife, who didn’t answer, then his son, who also didn’t answer and then his daughter, who again didn’t answer! When he showed them the numbers he was just 1 number shy of winning the games $63 Million Jackpot prize.

He plans to buy his wife and son brand new cars and then invest most of his prize winnings he said “Life will definitely change a little but I’m still the same old guy.” The Charles County retailer is also enjoying a little of the big win for selling the $1 million ticket. Lee’s Market is located at 4310 Hawthorne Road in Indian Head and earned a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning Mega Millions ticket.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by Katie009 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:41 am

The Mega Millions jackpot roll that had already made history has now reached a new world record and was WON!!!

The Mega Millions jackpot was won on Tuesday Oct 23/2018 nights drawing.....a single lucky winner who resides in South Carolina will claim a tremendous big lottery jackpot worth $1.537 Billion ($878 million cash). The big Mega Million lottery winner had all the drawn numbers 5, 28, 62, 65 and 70, plus the gold Mega Ball 5. In addition to the jackpot winner, the sales frenzy produced 36 second prize winning lottery tickets each matching the five white balls drawn on Tuesday nights draw. Eight of which were in California, four in Florida and New York, two each in Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey and Virginia, and one each in Arizona, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas. The Texas winner and one of the Florida winner Matched 5 included the optional Megaplier, so those two tickets are actually worth $3 million each.

Even though I don't the winners name at this time, thought I would post this here as it is a historic lottery win!

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by gennady2011 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:23 pm

When a person named Mullins won the a united states lottery back in 1993, she had opted to get paid in yearly payouts instead of taking a lump sum payment which seems to have been the wrong choice ..... Mullins quickly found herself in big debt, so using future payouts as collateral for a $200,000 loan. Mullins later did switch to a lump sum payout, but she never paid back what she owed on the debt. The loan company finally filed a suit and won a $154,000,000 settlement that was all but worthless as Mullins had no assets left.

Suzanne Mullins couldn't dig herself out of debt even though she won the lottery. This goes to show that some people cannot understand how to manage their winnings, so learn from her mistakes, if you win think before you do.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by JackpotCot » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:02 am

Long Island area co-workers have claimed the $437 million Mega Million jackpot for the January 1, 2019 Mega Millions drawing, this is the largest jackpot in New York Lottery history. Winning Mega Millions numbers for the Jan 1, 2019 drawing were 34-44-57-62-70, and Mega Ball 14.

The twenty three member wining group claimed the prize through the New Life 2019, LLC. They opted to take the cash value of the annuitized winning prize, a single lump sum payment totaling $262,213,914 and will receive a net check of $176,155,308 after the required state and federal withholding tax.

Representatives of New Life 2019, LLC stated they played the Mega Millions Lottery on a weekly basis. Each member put in a dollar in an envelope, then one of the members takes it to purchase the group’s lottery tickets. The jackpot winning ticket was purchased as part of a New York Lottery $5 Super Pack. The Super Pack offers one Quick Pick game for each of New York’s jackpot games: Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto. It is the first time the purchase of a Super Pack has included a winning jackpot lottery ticket.

The winning lottery ticket was purchased at Brookville Auto Service on Route 25A in Glen Head. The retailer will also receive a $10,000 bonus from the New York Lottery for selling the jackpot winning Mega Millions lottery ticket.

The representatives stated that most of the employees will still continue working as they view themselves as a family and not just co-workers.

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Re: Lottery Winners Stories!!!

Post by luckyone » Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:04 am

$1.5 Billion Jackpot Winner Tells Her Story

After very much anticipation, the big winner of the $1.5 Billion Dollar Mega Millions jackpot has come forward to claim her prize last week and has opted to remain anonymous.

Going back to Last October, the record breaking Mega Millions jackpot shocked the nation. Millions of lottery players held their breath as the winning numbers were drawn. In South Carolina, the dream to win the lottery was realized. The South Carolinian was in town visiting Greenville, and as fate would have it, she drove past the KC Mart, this is where the signs showing the incredibly large Mega Million jackpot caught her eye. She decided to take a chance on a lottery ticket, never once thinking she had the slightest chance at actually winning, but after checking her lottery ticket the morning after the Mega Millions draw, she was in shock and total disbelief. She just stared motionless for a while at the lottery ticket for what felt like hours, then she realized she had won and came the jumping and screams of happiness.

The big lottery winner then researched experienced professionals that could help preserve her anonymity and manage her newfound wealth. She hired a team that had experience handling large jackpot winners, as she want to make sure she make all of the right decisions. She realized that such a large fortune carries a tremendous responsibility, and it gives me a unique opportunity to assist and contribute to charities and other causes that are close to her heart. She started by providing charitable donations to the following organizations:

Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Columbia, SC

One SC Fund for Hurricane Florence Relief

City of Simpsonville Art Center

American Red Cross Alabama Region (Tornado Relief Fund)

She stated this is a life-changing event and while winning such a large sum is truly a blessing, it does come with its own set of risks and challenges. In this age of the social media, where you can find information on just about anyone, including where someone lives and works, safety is a big concern. She said she is thankful that South Carolina allows lottery winners to claim their prize anonymously and hopes that her wish to remain anonymous is truly respected so that she can live her life in relative normalcy and free and clear of fear.

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