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Re: lottery is gambling nothing can guarantee that you will win.

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:02 pm
by pataki
No nothing can guarantee you win, but some strategies can help your success rates. Any lottery system, lottery program, lottery software, that say such as "will win for sure" or "guaranteed to win" are usually the worst and should never trust as gambling cannot be a for sure win.

As example, there is a lottery program called Lotto Forecaster, this is from Accra Ghana, but claims if you follow the programs lottery picks you win for sure. Says these picks will open your door to prosperity ...... blah blah blah ...... then says trust me right now!

This type of claimed lottery expert/forecaster is trying to make people believe the big win is coming if follow the lotto picks .... so does people win .... no. The whole thing here is you must phone to register that's their gimmick.

Many other lottery programs are gimmicks such is the case with any lotto software or lotto prediction type systems, these are worst at false guarantee's and the all should be avoided. Use only real systems ( formula based systems and logical strategies) that's it.