Should You Use A Lottery System Or Not?

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J Henriquez
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Should You Use A Lottery System Or Not?

Post by J Henriquez » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:45 pm

The big question is "should one use a lottery system or not" seems to be a question on some forums as to weather a system would be of any benefit or not.

The reason I bring this up is, was on another forum and had stated I used a lottery system and while most others agreed using a system would be a good strategy, there were a few that blatantly attacked and insulted me because I use a lottery system. This kind of insulting behaviour made me mad as they tried to make me (also others) feel like we were stupid fools for using a system and of course made themselves look like they were superior.

I have seen this type of attack now on a few forums and am very surprised the forum did not ban such behaviour.

I told these aggressors that I am not a child, I am an adult and If I decide a system is for me that is my decision not theirs. These aggressors stated they do not even play the lottery only fools do, to which I replied with "then what are you doing in this lottery section" looks to me you are only here to badmouth people trying to cause conflict.

Really the nerve of some people, insulting others for using a system-strategy is outrageous. Even the lottery experts all agree that using a strategy versus no strategy is the smarter way to play. Anything that can improve your success is a good thing not a bad thing, but it is also a decision each person has the right to make.

I truly think there are some people who just for no reason what so ever like to stir up trouble, post bad reviews when not called for, insult others for there choices made. To me these types of people are simply unintelligent.

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Re: Should You Use A Lottery System Or Not?

Post by MIB45 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:48 am

People these days seem to have no respect for others. To insult anyone just because you are using a "lottery system" is ridiculous and very rude to say the least. Unfortunately there are many losers who feel they need to criticize others, most likely as they hate themselves, so try to put others down to make themselves feel better, again they are nothing but low life losers!

As far as using a lottery system or not...I say sure why not, it may do wonders and if not at least you tried the only possible strategy to improve your odds to win whichever lotto game you are playing. If you have already tried everything, yet still find yourself "stuck", and if you feel frustrated about your outcomes with your current method, then the next logical step would be to try a different method such a system of some type.

Intelligent people take steps to improve ones outcome. Losers who attack others for trying to improve on something, will just always be a loser!

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Re: Should You Use A Lottery System Or Not?

Post by Tumberry » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:51 pm

Should You Use A Lottery System, YES! Get a load of this….this guy from Connecticut spent in approximately a two years period a whopping $1 Million Dollars on lottery tickets. He wanted to win the lottery so bad and was so addicted to trying to win the lottery he even ran two convenient stores in Connecticut just so he had the ability to obtain lottery tickets anytime he wanted or got the itch to play whatever lottery game. He also would buy the scratch lottery tickets, but not just a few at a time, no he would buy whole books of scratch lottery tickets. Now here is the real crazy part of this story. He eventually ran out of his own money buying all of these lottery tickets, so now just took a big chance and went ahead and printed himself out up to $250,000 worth of lottery tickets at a time hoping he would win the big jackpot (he did not pay for the lottery tickets) and no such luck no jackpot win. Anyways he was charged for his addiction by the lottery foundation or who ever issues out those lottery tickets/lottery machines.He lost his family, he lost his home, and had a nervous break down to wrap it all up.

If you are going to gambling, you need to know your limits as this could happen to you. Gambling is just that a Gamble. Yes, play the lottery but with in reason. Now just think about this guys story, he never used any type of lottery system, it was all random lottery numbers and he never hit any lottery jackpot. If he had actually used a good lottery system and had access to lottery tickets and as many as he wished to play and using a system that would have increased his chances to win easier, he most likely would have been a winner. So yes use a system it is going to do you much better in the long run for sure, you seen that using no system gets you nothing.

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