Some Signs That You Might Win The Lottery

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Re: Some Signs That You Might Win The Lottery

Post by JackpotCot » Sun Apr 21, 2019 4:36 am

I think there could be some legit signs that you might win such as:

Having a dream about winning the lottery.
I guess the itchy thing could be possible as well.
Maybe a psychic informs you you are going to win.
A four leaf clover could mean good fortune as in winning a lottery.
If a stray cat keeps showing up asking for food, or a dog follows you home, this might mean that good fortune is coming your way.
If you keep seeing the number 8, it could mean good fortune is coming.
Pins and needles in your left hand could mean money or o to the doctor straight away if it really hurts!
Seeing a rainbow just before purchasing a lottery ticket may be a sign of big luck.

I'm sure there are more signs of good fortune coming your way, these are just a few off the tip of my tongue.

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