Is A Shady Review Site

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Contact: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by megambler » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:01 pm

I want to let people know about this very shady review site called as it bad mouths legit lottery systems and business for it own profit.

The owner of this shady review sites seems to be a marketer named Darren Burton who posts reviews on products calling them scams to deter people from buying that product. This loser will call a product a scam without giving any solid proof, also lies about the product to make it sound very bad when it is not. The whole purpose of this shady marketers antics is to grab your attention by bad mouthing well known lottery systems or products, then he points you to what he is selling. What kind of crap stain of a person uses this shady tactic to try and get more sales for himself, his name is Darren Burton a con artist/shady marketer. This piece of crap hurts business for his own gain, please pas this info on to as many places, forums, sites, facebook etc as you can so people can get the heads up on this con artist.

I post these to warn all, do not ever believe a review written by this creep, or any review on his site

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by luvnit » Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:26 am

Yes this review site you are posting on is a very bad review site, the owner is also doing harm to not just this lotto guy lottery system but many other businesses also. This person thinks they are very smart and wants money at all costs, little does he know he is being watched for his damaging tactic (posting damaging none truthful reviews which causes harm to honest business and or people and families) When I say he is being watched, I mean his spirit guide is reviewing all he does that is harmful to others. He will be punished by God for his bad activities and when God punishes you for your wrong doings to others, it will be severe and at least 10 fold to teach him a lesson. He will suffer greatly believe me when I tell you this. If you look at the world events happening, who do you think is doing all that damaging weather, earth quakes on so on? It is God, he has gotten feed up with the nasty people on earth and is moving things all around. The bad people will be very sorry that they ever hurt his good children (calls the good people, good children) that's all I can explain right now, just wanted to warn this person if he reads this. This person also has other review sites that do damage , it's not just the one

I guess I should tell you who I am. I am luvnit, I am a real psychic that can speak with the higher spirits on the other side. Sometimes I feel I need to warn people of their bad doings, most will never listen, but I try non the less.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by Fiskyy » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:30 pm

Most definitely those are shady marketers posting fake bad reviews. I just did some research and from what I see there are two of these shady review sites, both seem to be partners and promoting the same product Wealthy Affiliate.

The two review site that are doing this fake reviews B.S are and

I am a long time member of the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is one of the lottery systems they are posting fake reviews on, calling the system a scam, which it is definitely not a scam. They are doing this to many other lottery systems and programs, using a shady illegal tactic that only shady marketers/con artists use. This is called "bait and switch/fake reviews" where they find a product that has a good name and many are interested in, then post on their review sites that they, the system/product are a scam, yet giving no proof of being a scam at all. Then after they attack the system/program posting lies, false and inaccurate information about the particular system or program, they then point you to what they are promoting/selling, in this case it's Wealthy Affiliate. If you purchase it they get a commission, you see how these jerks try and grab peoples money. They call a system or program a scam when in reality they are the big con artists.

They called the Lotto Guy Lottery System a scam, that is totally false and they also state it is a B.S lottery software program, which is not correct at all, the system is not even a lottery software system, so they posted totally incorrect information to make the system look bad when in fact it is a very respected system. Hell they even attack the website stating it looks bad an eye sore must be a scam, no these fools fail to see the website is designed to look retro,it is supposed to look that way, so it stands out from the many same looking selling sites. Do not be fooled by these fakers! seems to be run by a person called Darren Burton Internet marketer, promoting Wealthy Affiliate seems to be run by a person called Roope Kiuttu also promoting Wealthy Affiliate (this guy also attacking programs all over youtube)

These two clowns are posting their bad reviews in an illegal manner, you cannot call a system/program a scam without solid proof, in which they have none. You also cannot post false or incorrect information about any system/product, yet these jerks are doing just that, very disgusting marketers who are giving honest marketers a bad outlook.
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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by stockguy2 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:53 am

Hey I just took a look at that shady review they is call every lottery system/program a scam or make it look like they are the worst program ever. I actually know a few of those program/systems and I know first hand they are very good, nothing anywhere near being bad or scamish. These review sites are most definitely corrupt. All they do it say this system etc is bad and then hey look what we are selling it is a great money making program to join...ya right!! They are promoting wealth affiliate which is not a great program, it has been report as a con. Only a small portion who join make any money, the rest make nothing.

I don't think the owners of these two shady reviews site are from United States or Canada, I think one is from Australia and the other possibly Finland
Definitely crooks!!!!!

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by angela153 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:24 am

I is truly a shame there are internet marketers who do this kind of crooked selling behaviour. Having to resort to calling other businesses bad or untrusting when they themselves are the bad ones and truly untrusting. I think most people will see what they are doing and look at them as the con artists.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by gusta22 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:42 am

Just had a look at this review site and there are many downright lies about everything from lottery systems to other various types of programs. They don't even seem to actually review anything, I think they just copy other bogus review sites and add in there own made up portions of the review to make the program sound as bad as possible. I also see their whole game plan.....pick popular programs and then bad mouth them by a bad review, then act like they will now show you an honest program you should join, which of course is the program they are in or running....a Big Con Game!!!

For sure the review site is giving out fake/false or un-truthful reviews, the site is as Shady as it gets.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by CCampbell » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:24 am

Both these review sites are damaging businesses posting fake reviews and most likely fake comments as well. And look, both review sites are promoting the same Wealthy Affiliate program what a surprise.....shady review sites indeed!!!!!

Francis F
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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by Francis F » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:03 am

Yes for sure .... the review site is SHADY AS HELL! Any fool that post fake reviews on a review site is a complete dbag!!!!!!!!

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by IPlayLotto » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:42 am

Have you noticed that these low life review sites press/push what they are really selling right after attacking other good programs, the not-so-subtle slant of which is that it would be a terrible idea for anyone with just a bit of sense in their head to pursue. I can just imagine how many programs and businesses these shady review sites have harmed all in a stupid effort to grab your attention and try to sell you up on the obvious of try to get your money!!! They are in fact the programs that are pure scam! The owner of is an obvious huge scammer!

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by AKA » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:39 pm

I agree on hundred percent - It’s an awful review site, and oddly enough it seems no good reviews are accepted. I tried to put a few good review comments on a few lottery systems that are in fact very good systems, but it was ineffective, would not accept a good positive review. So if no accept a good review, only bad reviews then the review site is 100% corrupt!!!!!!!

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