UK National Lottery IS Changing

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UK National Lottery IS Changing

Post by Karlo » Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:55 am

It's true the UK National Lottery is making a big change after many years and I do not believe it is for the best.

UK National Lottery changing from a 6/49 draw (pick 6 from 49 numbers) to a 6/59 draw (pick 6 from 59 numbers) and this start effectively on October/8/2015 so just be ready for the change as it will now make this lotto game harder to win the jackpot.

I believe the jackpots for UK National Lottery will sore much higher than before as will be harder to win, but who ever does win will walk away with a larger chunk of cash$$$

So far the Mega Millions lottery draw has changed as well as U.S Powerball and now UK National Lottery.

More and more people are playing the lottery today than ever before, this is why you now need to play smarter if you want to win!

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