Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by chitchat » Tue May 08, 2018 11:20 pm

You know what, I have had enough of these shady review sites that lie to the good people who look to them for honest reviews. I've just filed a complaint to Google about this and you should contact Google and do the same. Enough is enough of the con artists trying to take our money by giving out false reviews.

Francis F
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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Francis F » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:01 am

This is how I look at it .... the review site is obviously run by a re-seller. So any lottery system that allows that he says is good. If the lottery system does not allow to be re-sold, then he cannot lie about it to get your money, so he says those systems are no good, which is completely false. Those lottery systems that do not allow re-sellers the for real, true winning system you should be using. Any system that allows re-sellers is a crock pot system, just junk, made to make money off of sales only, wins nothing!!!!!!!

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Rara » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:26 am

It is truly a shame how these lottery system review sites are trying to con people. Look at this site we are on right now, there is no affiliate links allowed so the reviews like mine are real not fake!!!!!!!!!!

Yes some people are just rotten eggs, they have no consciousness of wrong doing or foolish behavior and will eventually pay for as they all eventually do. Some people are smart and know right from wrong and others such as those running those fake review site are just the garbage of our planet.

I am glad to see others giving us the heads up on these bad review sites, it helps us all out.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by supermom7 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:53 am

Has this happened to any of you who posted a comment or tried to post a comment on the fake review site?

First off the person who runs the review site refused to post my comment ... that alone shows the site is corrupt.

Well this is what really pissed me off!!!!!! A few days later started getting a ton of spam to my personal email address, which is the same email address i used to try and post a comment on the fake review site. I did post post on anything else, or anywhere else using that email address so i know where the spam is coming from. Stuff like this B.S :

GOOD DAY, Work from home today as an email processor and you will get paid $25 each for every email that you process instantly! If you can process just 10 emails per day you can make $250 per day.There is no limitations to the amount of emails you will be able to process and your income is unlimited. Daily pay, No waiting for paychecks, All payments are made directly into your account. No experience or specials skill's needed (training, tools and working materials is included when you register), APPLY NOW! Opportunities like this do not come by every day, So Act NOW!


How would you like to stay at home and earn a few extra hundred dollars per day processing emails online? Wouldnt it be nice to sit at home submitting information and quit your dead end day job? Act Fast!

Of course there is a cost to join/start any of these and they are bullsh$%&. This is a scammer for sure and that is not the only ones, there were 4 more, and from similar email addresses which my son had to ban then for me.

I post this as whoever runs that B.S fake review site is a con artist, Do Not Trust Anything From That Site!!!

My son also did some digging and found a few people warning others about the fake review site as well, here is just one of them ... pass it to your friends so this con artist does not rip people off. Is A Fake Lottery System Review Site

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Rara » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:46 am

I am very glad to see so many reporting this fake reviews site and it appalls me to hear such trickery is going on. I myself would never ever join any stupid email processing or similar, they are all basically frauds, but i think most of us already know this kind of activity is always put out there by the scum bags on the internet trying to get wealthy from others.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by AKA » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:44 pm

Yet another review site that is corrupt and will not accept a positive review/comment, only wants bad comments. So here again I agree hundred percent - It’s a very awful review site. I tried to put in a few good review comments on a few lottery systems that are in fact good systems, not bad systems as the fake review site would have you all believe. And again it was ineffective, would not accept a good positive review. So if the review site in question no accept a good review and only bad reviews, then the review site is 100% corrupt!!!!!!!

Laurie K
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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Laurie K » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:28 am

Hey All! Do Not Even Try Post Any Comments On - the review site is dishonest. I tried to post a comment and was tuned away? So WTF! I am not allowed to post a good review? I thought I was a lottery system review site, well I guess it's nothing more than a Big Con Job!

I have never ever been turned down for trying to post a good review, that is a big sign that the whole review site is crooked. Now I read that others state the site is run by a shady marketer from the UK, who tries to fool people into thinking he is a professor (calls himself professor George) HA HA!!

After I tried to post a good review the shady review site had my email address as had to give it to post a comment/review. Now i'm getting tons of spam mail that I never had previous. Stuff like an email from FedEx saying they could not deliver a package to me as my information was incomplete. So they wanted me to click a link and give my info. The problem is I never ordered anything that would need to be delivered. Also have never used that email address to purchase anything, so all it was is a con trying to grab my info.

Then received one of these emails from Walmart saying to confirm my order, yet never ordered anything from Walmart.Then a banking one asking to update my info etc plus many others. All this crap started shortly after using my email address which I rarely use, but did to try and post a good review on the site

Everyone reporting the review site as a crooked review site is right on the money, the review site is as dirty as they come!

I truly wish someone would down that review site as you know they are giving fake reviews and are trying to steal personal info, which may lead to Identity theft. "Do Not Post Anything" On That Review Site or click any links to purchase anything it's a crooked website.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Floydd » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:46 pm

It does seem to be the case, as I also posted a comment on that review site and it never went on. I also started getting lots of similar suspicious emails from Walmart, Amazon, BMO, plus others that I cannot recall. I have never ordered anything from these places nor do I bank with BMO and I don't give my main email address out very often. All were asking for either me to update something or to make sure my payment and address is correct. So it certainly looks like that review site is very dirty in more ways than just one. I am going to check where to report that review site , looks like from the UK.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Curtis77 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:34 pm

Totally fraudulent review forum and ya seems to be from the United Kingdom. I shot in a comment (a positive comment) but the crap stain owner of the fraudulent review forum refused to post it. The whole review site is total B.S - this goof is pushing only lottery systems that have affiliate links or cloak links that' the whole ploy, lie and get you to buy an already known failed lottery system. If you want to post a positive comment on one of the lottery systems that do not have affiliate marketing, then you are out of luck, as this so called professor George does not want any positive feedback on any systems he cannot make money from commission sales. This professor who we all know is not a real professor, just a dumb ass swindler!

Oh Ya! I did get spam emails not long after trying to post my comment. Here is one of them below. They want your info, bank details and so on - Never Give Out Any Personal Info especially your banking details. Do not even try to post on that review site it could be very dangerous! Also never click on any link they send you, just delete all.

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If you can process just 10 emails per day then you can
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Just Join and fill in your details to get paid.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by RETRO-T2 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:32 pm

Couldn't resist have a look at the shady review site to see for myself and give my opinion on the site. It looks like a very fishy review site....first off no real Professor would run such a stupid review site, never mind not revealing his or her's real full name. Professor George? Very stupid indeed! Second off, the reviews of course are not real, they are carefully scripted words to steer you in the direction of what this lottery system review site wants you to purchase....then assaults the lottery systems that have no use for earning the false review site sales's a brilliant cover for a common shady marketer looking to fool people just to fill their pockets. Fake review sites in general can be a whole bunch trouble ....There is nothing credible on that review site period!!!!!!!!!

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