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Contact: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by megambler » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:26 am

Here is another shady review site people need to be warned against, it's called and it bad mouths/bashes legit lottery systems and other legit business for it own profit. The person who runs the review site is nothing but a shady affiliate marketer who is steering people to what he is selling. The guy who runs the bogus review site seems to be named Roope Robert Kiuttu from Finland. He basically slanders other programs such as lottery systems that have we known names, then tries to sell you on his money making scheme, oh he is such a dear, wanting to help you out to make real money, he will even offer a free trial! If you fall for it, then you find out you need to pay $49 each month to continue, but here's the problem, the money making program might only work for a few people, the rest find out it's a bunch of B.S. There are many complaints against the B.S program at Rip Off Report, so the cat is out of the bag and all red flags point to this review site as being a shady scammy site.

What kind of nut job attacks all legit programs including legit lottery systems, telling you they are scams and to stay away from then, even says you should not play the lottery as it's a scam! All is a scam to this nut job, but his affiliate program is going to make you rich, YA! Right! That is a terrible thing to do, attack all good programs so people want to check it out, then feed them lies and fake reviews, just to try and grab their money .... I call total maximum BullS*** on that review site, it’s just a cover for affiliate sales and nothing more. I would love to see this Mother f-er go down hard!

check the stupidity of the so called review site at let us all know what you feel about it.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by RETRO-T2 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:02 pm

Yup! 100% the fool that runs that review site is crooked and people do need to know about it.

I did a complete investigation on the guy who runs the so called review site and found out a bunch of crap this guy does and says. I found him on twitter where he calls himself a man of God! Then proceeds to attack lottery players and lottery systems for no other reason other than he says both are scams! So all lottery games are scams according to him and if you play you are being fooled.

I guess this clown does not understand the lottery is not illegal and people do love to play there lottery games like Powerball etc He seems to be trying to act like he is an all mighty, all knowledgeable, leader of some sort, where as any normal person can plainly see he is an idiot! He is only trying to convince people to join his scam money making program,that's it!!!!!!!

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by sean44 » Fri May 03, 2019 5:48 pm

All the indications show the review site and the clown who runs it is a con artist. I see another review site seems to be in cahoots working together doing the same nasty stuff, the other review is The owner of this shady review site is a marketer named Darren Burton who posts fake reviews on good products calling them scams to deter people from buying that product, then redirects them to what he is trying to push/sell which is the same thing the clown from is pushing/selling, so there is a connection here. Both review sites are crooked!!!

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by MFOX » Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:35 am

Warning!! Do Not Give Any Of Your Info Data To This Site he is dirty as they come. Was on that site about 1 year back can't remenber what i posted but short time after this is what i got in my inbox.

Dear Customer ,
Due to several cases of parcel misplacement we have experienced recently,
It is now mondatory that we confirm delivery address from beneficiary before final delivery.

with a link to click

then 2 days later

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you that your package could not be delivered due to incomplete information of your physcial address.

with a link to click to update address

I do not know anything about a parcel, or a package to be delivered, this along with many spelling mistakes is totally fake.

I have never used my email address for anything except that day on that site. They are fooling people and trying to steal info, money and so on. Their reviews on programs are all lies, they just try and start you thinking those programs are shady, but the truth of the matter is they themselves are the shady ones.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by R Lawrence » Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:58 am

When I came across this tread I was disgusted at how try to push their theories and lottery philosophy on others, while at the same time calling them idiots and fools as they have a different view than their own. Lots of people gamble every single day whether it be at a Casino or playing the lottery. People know and accept the fact that gambling has a certain risk factor over the typical safe investment. They also accept the fact they could win large very fast! This thought of fast one lump sum winnings that could change their lives, is the reason they seek a better strategy such as a lottery system. I use a system and I do get better more frequent winnings. Also, I am most certainly not a Fool, nor am I an Idiot! If you have ever used a good system and have had better success, you would not want to go back to your old school way of playing, that I can assure you.

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Re: Is A Shady Review Site

Post by Frances S » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:58 am

This is another scam review site - all they wanted was to get me to join under them in their B.S Wealth Affiliate bull crap - that is their whole ploy stay away from them everything they say is a lie!!!!!!!!

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