Lottery Dominator

Lottery Dominator owned by Richard Lustig sells for $55.35 then price jumped to $147 (at time of writing) system promises you it is the best lottery system you can get (Red Flag as not true). We investigated the system, also looked at many user reviews and could not find even one person who has won anything worthwhile using this system. System allows affiliates to sell which is again a Red Flag telling us system is created by a marketer not a real lottery expert. Seller makes money only through sales not by winning lottery games. Real lottery systems have no need for affiliates they win lottery games. It seems that the claims Richard Lustig makes look to be false.

We strongly suggest you avoid lottery systems that have no real winners promise you it is the best system, many poor reviews buy users and are basically just money making gimmicks. we certainly do not recommend this system.
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Lottery Dominator

Post by leyaf78 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:52 am

I was browsing the forum and other forums and noticed there other many similar type systems to this one. It sounds so similar to a bunch of other systems all of which being software giving the same strategy (past drawn numbers) this.....boggles my mind. How can be sooooo many of these same systems.....they all give you the same thing! I agree with this forum, seems all these kind of systems are run by marketers to just make money through sales. If someone did not investigate these programs you would never be the wiser......WOW! Stay away from anything that has affiliates with these systems, that,s how to tell the good from the poor ones...if i am missing something please correct me.

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Re: Lottery Dominator

Post by wes947H » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:22 am

The system is owned by Richard Lustig supposed lottery winner, which may or may not be true, no proven proof. Why the system name change, was fierst Lottery Dominator now Lotto Dominator, that seems very fishy and is a huge Red Flag! Every lottery system review site reports the system as garbage or even a scam. How in the world would you charge $147 for a lottery system with no real proof, no real winners, no good reviews, my good man the system is an e-book which contains his supposed winning lottery formula which many have posted is nothing special, just standard information easilty found online. If this Lustig actually won the lottery many times, why would you charge so much money, it's seems very off.

There are very good lottery systems costing under or around $20 that many users claim they use and they work very good. You would have to be a huge sucker to fall for this Lotto Dominator crap! Then I find that Lotto Dominator has something to do with Software Projects Inc which is another selling place many shady marketers sell through.....seems like another big risk, you wantto give them your credit card number?

By the way, if thinking about buying the system it's all basic stuff then advice and pep talk, that's it!! For $147 really? Pretty sad.

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Re: Lottery Dominator

Post by RETRO-T2 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:23 am

Hey all .... the Lotto Dominator is full of nonsense ...... not even a real system. Did you not hear the news about Richard Lustig? He died on July 30, 2018 at the age of 67. All this guy did is simply kept buying tickets until he got lucky, he lost more than he won. If I had a large bank roll to buy lottery tickets I would most likely hit a few big wins eventually, and so would you. The whole point of using a real legit winning system is you do not have to have a large bank roll. So lustig played off of his lucky wins there was no real system, no formula or great strategy, then tried to make money as a seller who used affiliate sales to fill his pockets. The Lotto Dominator system is honestly complete garbage!

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Re: Lottery Dominator

Post by SLGroup » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:40 am

Well there you have it .... the creator of the system, well sort of a system, is no longer alive. There were no winners who used his system except himself, so most likely used another system and not his own. The system is a dud, the owner is dead, the price of system went up, so it's obvious someone else is trying to profit from the bogus system ..... just find another system that's real, pass on this garbage.

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Re: Lottery Dominator

Post by TTNelson » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:31 am

Sorry to hear this guy has passed. I seen him on TV, listened to his advice and really don't think his method is sound. He seems to of had some luck, but no others seem to have similar luck using his system/method. I play Powerball and if used his logic and method, maybe could win, but if you don't, you lose big time. I can't see the average person using his method, it would cost way too much to even try or stick with.

I think this guy took a long shot using a large bank roll and got lucky with his box of lottery tickets. Others who tried the same method lost all their money fast - not very smart way to play or gamble for sure.

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Re: Lottery Dominator

Post by megambler » Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:10 am

I'm not sure if people are aware that this Richard Lustig has about 4 lottery systems he was selling, that he he has released on the market – Lottery Dominator, Lotto Decoded, Auto Lotto Processor and Lottery Winner University which was Richard Lustig’s last system.

All of these systems are high priced junk systems designed to take money from people, they do not win lotteries, this guy is now well known as a con artist.

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