Lottery Destroyer

Lottery Destroyer is another lottery software system very similar to the many other lottery software systems on the market. Like so many other similar software systems also claims to give users big winning results. We see this type of system over and over again, all making similar claims, all basically past drawn numbers type systems, which never give you much better than 2-4 percent increased win rates so do not fall for the false advertising mumbo jumbo. The truth is these types of systems win no better than basic random numbers.

We looked hard and could not find any real users who obtain good wins using this system. We did however find lots of poor reviews buy users and other review sites. It is amazing we keep checking out these similar types of software systems and find they are actually just marketers selling them to make fast cash from sales, they rarely win lottery games.

We do not recommend this software system, or any lottery system using past drawn numbers as their strategy.
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Anna Ray
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Lottery Destroyer

Post by Anna Ray » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:19 am

Ya....not sure what to say about this system....many say it is useless and it is software that just gives random numbers or copies the numbers from free sources as main lottery know Powerball etc Not really a system, more like a farse.

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Re: Lottery Destroyer

Post by PetesTrucking » Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:04 pm

Doesn't seem like much of a good system, best to pass on these foolish systems. I'm sure there are better ones that are legit to use.

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