List of Lottery Games Worldwide

List of lottery games worldwide.
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List of Lottery Games Worldwide

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United States Single-jurisdiction lotteries:
Arizona Lottery
California State Lottery
Colorado Lottery
Connecticut Lottery
Delaware Lottery
Florida Lottery
Georgia Lottery
Hoosier Lottery (Indiana)
Idaho Lottery
Illinois State Lottery
Iowa Lottery
Kansas Lottery
Kentucky Lottery
Louisiana Lottery
Maine Lottery
Maryland Lottery
Massachusetts Lottery
Michigan Lottery
Minnesota State Lottery
Missouri Lottery
Montana Lottery
Nevada Lottery
New Hampshire Lottery
New Jersey Lottery
New Mexico Lottery
New York Lottery
North Carolina Education Lottery
North Dakota Lottery (multi-jurisdictional games only)
Ohio Lottery
Oklahoma Lottery
Oregon Lottery
Pennsylvania Lottery
Rhode Island Lottery
South Carolina Education Lottery
South Dakota Lottery
Tennessee Lottery
Texas Lottery
Vermont Lottery
Virginia Lottery
Washington's Lottery
West Virginia Lottery
Wisconsin Lottery

Powerball (Power Lottery is now a 5/69 lottery game (pick 5 numbers from group of 69 numbers)
Mega Millions ( Mega Millions lottery is now a 5/75 lottery game (pick 5 numbers from group of 75 numbers)
UK National Lottery (Is now a 6/59 lottery game (pick 6 numbers from group of 59 numbers)

Canadian Lottery Games:
Lotto Max 7/49
Western max 7/49
Lotto 649 6/49
Western 649
BC Lotto 649 / BC 49
Atlantic Lotto 649 / Atlantic 49
Ontario Lotto 649 / Ontario 49
Lottario 6/45 (Ontario)

UK Lottery Games:
UK Lotto
National Lottery
Lotto Plus 5

Australian Lottery Games:
OZ Lotto
Monday Lotto
Tuesday Lotto
Wednesday Lotto
Thursday Lotto (Australian Powerball)
Saturday Lotto
New Zealand Lotto 6/40

Malaysian Lottery Games:
Super Toto 6/49
Toto 6/42
Supreme Toto 6/58
Power Toto 6/55
Mega Toto 6/52

Singapore Toto 6/45 now changed to 6/49

Philippines Lotto 6/42
Philippines SuperLotto 6/49
Philippines MegaLotto 6/45
Philippines PowerLotto 5/55

Caribbean Lottery Games:
Caribbean Mega 6
Caribbean Super Lotto
Cash Pot 5/20
South African Lottery Games:
South Africa Lotto 6/49

Brazil Lottery Games:
Mega Sena 6/60
Quina 5/80
Dupla Sena 6/50

Mexico Lottery:
Melate 6/56
Chispazo 5/28
Retro Lotto 6/39

Croatia Lottery:
6/45 loto game
7/39 loto game

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Re: List of Lottery Games Worldwide

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