Win The Lottery Method

This lottery software system is by Alexander Morrison who says he is a mathematical genius and sells it for $39 (at the time of writing) System sells through a market place ( so is affiliate based which we have seen many times over with other lottery software systems which all claim similar to this system, yet never seem to deliver. The system seems basically the same as every other lottery software system on the market and this concerns us, as these types of systems are either giving you random numbers, or captured free data from various lottery games (statistics), which are completely free for anyone to access. Alexander states he won $678,000 using his own system, yet no real proof! He also states it took him 15 years of hard work to create the system, which seems quite ridiculous. He also states the codes for the system are stored with full safety in one of the most reliable places in the world and it’s a secret so cannot give details on this. Again, this is another quite ridiculous statement. Also states the system has a very high win rate of 80% which we know is simply un-realistic, that is a solid fact!

It looks to us that this is just a marketer (hence the need for affiliates to sell system) who has taken bits and pieces of wording from other lottery systems and put together his own selling scenario. Just like the typical marketer, we see the large amount of testimonials on the sales page, which means nothing we have seen this tactic done on other lottery systems selling by marketers as well, it does prove they actually used the system. Also states hundreds have won, then states thousands have won using his system, so which is it? (then removed) Now states is limited to 100 users, and hundreds have won using the system, again does not add up, we just scratched our heads on that statement as makes no sense. Were betting things will be changed over and over as that is what these marketers seem to do.

We do not recommend this system, we see far too many red flags and sounds like a bunch of nonsense just like the majority of lottery software systems selling by marketers. If a system actually worked as well as the system claimed, there simply would be no need for affiliates to sell system, think about it. Looks like this system seller like many others only makes money by selling said system, not by winning lottery games, hence the seller cannot even show real proof of his own so called winnings.
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B Coker
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Win The Lottery Method

Post by B Coker » Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:32 pm

I was reviewing a few other lottery forums and came across this system. As far as can tell all forums etc are stating similar advice to just pass on it and find a more reputable system.

Seems if a system is selling through a place where affiliates can re-sell, the system is generally not good, is just a way to make money by sales (mlm) best to use a real system that does not allow any affiliates, then you know it the real deal (just common sense)

My opinion is there are too many of these software systems all doing the same exact strategy, which others state is really nothing special that will help you win as the claims they make.
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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by megambler » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:10 pm

Hey I think this system is long gone, went under as was nothing special just info off of the internet.

You can also check these legit forums for reviews, they are legit lottery forums.

Lottery System Reviews The Truth

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Lotto System Reviews - The Truth!

Lotto Edge
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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by DiggleD » Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:48 am

No the system is not gone, I myself looked at it and did not like the fact it is based on affiliate sales, to me that is not even a real system. Just how many system are supposed mathematical geniuses or professors? Why every system that says this is later found to be false? As this forum says, many red flags, which means to me find a different system.

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by Fiskyy » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:23 am

I have seen lottery systems that claim to be developed by math professors, math geniuses and so on, yet not even one of those type of systems were real. They were always just marketers trying to con people, so when I see this particular system yet again claiming to be developed by a math genius and it is yet another lottery software system which are a dime a dozen and all give you the same useless information, I know it is a fake! Also every system that says limited to 100 members or whatever limit has always turned out to be B.S. The only real true winning lottery systems will not be in software format, they will in a formula format and there are only a few of these real systems around, one being the lotto guy lottery system and I believe there are two or three others as well just cannot re-call the names. My point is any system feeding these phony claims and sell through places as JVZoo or Click Bank are just marketers fooling you.

To have a better chance at winning a game of chance you have to use a real system too actually get better increased odds to win the lottery, there is no other way.

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by 69liquor » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:52 pm

The whole system or program sounds like a con job to me. If it looks and feels bad i usually is bad. Just the point of only accepting 100 members sound stupid.

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by AKA » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:56 am

The system is a joke! This is the same con artist who sells lottery software systems which are totally useless systems. This win the lottery method is nothing more than lies and false advertising. Why are there so many of these shitty systems, no wonder clickbank banned them.

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by buckner » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:47 am

Read the sales page and it does sound pretty stupid. lots do not make good sense, all more of a marketing ploy so you get it fast. There are no good reviews anywhere on this system, unless it is on a site that affiliates are selling it to earn sales commissions, but no real user good reviews just bad reviews so ya......garbage system!

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by kaleb297421 » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:18 pm

If the creator of the system is such a Math Genius where is all his great winnings and real proof - ya there is none - there your genius! This seller is a genius at trying to fool people out of their hard earned money for a useless system, nothing more.

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Re: Win The Lottery Method

Post by MHudson » Sat May 08, 2021 3:41 am

This seller is yet again pulling a fast one over on people who want to use a good system. Yes software system again by some idiot seller posing as a Professor, just ridiculous!

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