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Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:44 am
by leyaf78
I do now have a membership for the Lotto Guy Lottery System which i decided to use over any other lottery system. Now that i have use of the system as i am an actual member, i can give an honest review as i have seen some good reviews and some bad reviews on a few highly suspect lottery system review sites concerning this system. The good reviews are of course all legit as they are a positive reviews telling you the for the silly negative reviews, they are definitely fake reviews.These ridiculous reviews are posted on a few review sites that are obviously lying to people! I know 100% they are feeding people lies and it's not only about this lotto guy lottery system, but many other systems/programs as well. How do i know? I am now using the lotto guy lottery system i know what it is and how it works, it's good sensible strategy and is a top winning system many are now using.

These fraudulent review sites are stating inaccurate information misleading people, and actually calling the Lotto Guy Lottery System and other systems/programs a scam! They state it is a lottery software program, some even say they used it, which is a down and out lie! They do not say it is a software system on their website and it is not a software system. It is a different kind of formula type system, designed to put your numbers into more realistic better winning groups. So how can these other so called legit review sites or forums say they have used it and it is a lottery software system?? So, if any reviews or review sites state the system is software when it is clearly not, you know they know nothing about the system and have not actually used it, they are just posting illegal fake reviews. The negative comments posted by so called users of the LG system are obvious fakes, some saying two or three different lies on different review sites which do not make any sense at all, just trying to do damage using insults and's just pathetic! All because they cannot sell it to make commissions like with other lesser systems.

Why do shady review sites do this? Some do it for the views they will get as they bad mouth systems that have a good name which attracts people. Or they do it to attract people (new suckers) to buy or join whatever they are selling or pushing, all to make them money! That's their whole con!

As a new member of the Lotto Guy Lottery System, i say again the system is not a scam in any way! The dishonest reviews sites spreading the fake reviews are the Real Scammers so beware of this! Also, i noticed the dishonest review sites seem to me they are all linked and seem to be from the same places such as the UK and Australia. Don't buy or join anything that those con-artist review sites direct you to, it would be very risky!

Others who are also reporting the truth on this matter, read it. Lotto Guy Lottery System Is Not A Scam!

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:27 pm
by pataki
Ok I see also this what you say and is truth....some review sites lie to people as they cannot use that particular lottery system to make money from as an affiliate seller as these systems do not allow that sort of thing, they are real, not just for mlm as most others are.

The lotto guy lottery system is Not An MLM type system so no affiliates allowed to sell it, it's a real lottery system designed to actually work this is well known. This is why those crappy shady review sites say the negative comments against the LG system and many others as well. It's truth, the dishonest reviews sites spreading the fake reviews are the real nasties and the systems they push are in fact the crap systems that do nothing for you. I would never give money to the shady review sites as it could lead to identity theft or poss even worse!

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:06 pm
by Jimbo
The fact of the matter is, the lotto guy lottery system is a real serious lottery winning system, no other system can match this one. Obviously there will be those who mock it as they either sell other systems as affiliates and can't sell this LG system as they don't allow that sort of thing, their system is not for sales, it is a real lottery system. If the idiots who mock this system could actually sell as an affiliate to make sales commissions, they would praise the system like it was solid gold, believe it!

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:30 pm
by Fiskyy
Been using this system for quite some time now and it's the only real legit winning system and they keep the cost under $20 bucks which is sweet, these guys are the authority in their field, no doubt about it,there is nothing better. They have tons of good reviews over years (have tens of thousands of members) there certainly is not many negative reviews and the small amount of negative reviews are pretty stupid to say the least making no sense at all, even some posting complete lies. Of course some are just blatant attacks from other sellers trying to give the lotto guy lottery system a bad name, but those are very obvious and us members know none of it is true. They do it so they can direct you to what they are selling, some people don't understand this happens lots online. Any review that gives this system a negative review is the actual bad person, so know this fact.

Now there are some very stupid people who have given a negative review on this system as....get this.....they were Refunded! Getting a refund is "Not" a sign of a anything bad, it actually shows these guys (LG System) are legit and very honest. Some people obviously have mental or medical issues and simply cannot understand they received a refund due to them not currently accepting new sales/new members from their particular area at that time and would be notified when re-opened, so off they go writing a negative review for the company just protecting it's self and it's members, so does not go under, it's not hard for a normal logical person to understand. If you cannot understand the situation, it is not the LG system fault they have done nothing wrong, in fact it is good to know they are on the ball and protesting their business and their members.....if you cannot see that.....well.....time to get your head checked out!

These days there are many dishonest people trying to buy online and there is simply no way to stop it except by stopping sales from certain areas that are most problematic, and re-open after a time to avoid constant bank charge fees which can down a business as the seller must pay these fees. not the buyer. If you really look at it logically, the banks or credit card companies are at fault for pushing a bank charge back fee onto the seller, it should be put on the dishonest purchaser as they use this loop hole to rip off good businesses, but the bank could care less, so honest businesses such as the lotto guy lottery system have to be smart and do what they can to lessen this type of online sales crap.

As we all should know by now the world is having major problems, storms, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and so on. This brings out the dishonest people by the truck people....Think Before You Attack Someones Business Who Does Not Deserve It!

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:49 am
Negative reviews mean squat! We have been using this system and it works ..... it's a serious lottery system not a stupid hot and cold numbers system like most all other systems. If you look into this system it has tons of great reviews and the few negative reviews floating around on a few shady review sites are all FAKE!!!!!!! All written by other sellers who sell other systems, get it? They cannot make money from as a re-seller as this system is a real system not a mlm B.S system that runs off of affiliate sales. Real winning lottery systems are hard to come by, this is the best lottery system if you want a real system that will improve your odds to win/hit lottery numbers easier....Its the real deal!!!!!

Here is another site explaining this you can read their review here Lotto Guy Lottery System Is Not A Scam!

There are many others that can verify this system is the best winning system, even actual poll votes where votes reveal which lottery system gave real users the best winning results.

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:34 pm
by R Simmons
It seems that any program including lottery systems that are legit, get attacked by the shady marketers who sell the crappy useless programs and lottery systems. This happens all the time, the shady sellers want to bad mouth any programs that are in competition with there sales. There are tons of real users who use the lotto guy lottery system and most all users give it good reviews, so you know it's a legit system. It also was the most voted on system that really gave users results, meaning out of many other systems it received the most votes for the best lottery system that gave users good results.

Look at any review site/forum that bad mouths any programs, do they even know the program? In most cases they do not and have never used it. Also, does the review site/forum give negative reviews then try and push you to what they are selling? That is a big rad flag saying bogus review site/forum so never trust. Any review site/forum that posts affiliate links to other programs they recommend is a sign they are a shady review site/forum.

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:06 am
by Fiskyy
Hey listen to this ...... just got word that a lot of these negative reviews are by paid reviewers (people who write bad reviews on products for payment)
As you may already know the LG system is a proven top winning system, so other sellers of lesser systems are going under, hence why they pay people to post a bad review. It's all for the sake of money, as in loss of sales.

It shows that there are many sellers of other lesser lottery systems that are very scared of the LG system as they know how good it is and it's a real legit winning system.

It's all adding up now - However what really bothers me is this type of B.S is happening with lots of other great products as well, not just lottery systems.

Don't believe negative reviews, most are just lies!!!!!

Re: Lotto Guy Lottery System Negative Reviews Are Not Real

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 1:09 am
100 percent true!!!!! those negative reviews on the LG system are "fake" found out most all those bogus review come from lottery system review type forums only from the UK and Australia, that is why they no longer accept new members from those areas unless they had the system in the past when it was 1 year membership.

From what I understand these bogus forums are trying to harm the LG system as it puts there stupid fake system to shame.