Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Van Garett
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Contact: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Van Garett » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:04 pm

Here is a site that has been reported as a Fake Lottery System Reviews site on more than a few other legit lottery system review forums.

The lottery system review site is called has been caught red handed posting fake reviews and fake comments on various lottery systems. Gives fake good reviews to lottery systems he (fake Professor) can make a sales commission from and gives fake bad reviews to lottery systems he cannot sell as an affiliate, hence no sales commissions so calls the system bad and post fake comments to make system sound bad when it is not a bad system at all.

This is not very surprising, whole site looks like a pile of lies to make a sale. I had to review every last one of his (Professor George) so called good systems and a few so called bad ones (which are not bad). What I found was an inordinate number of so called good reviews on systems I already have used and know first hand they are “Not Good Systems” and the comments posted are very suspect and some that are plain as day “FAKES” When a lottery system review site is caught posting “Fake Reviews” this causes people to sink his or hers money into what he or she was lead to believe was a good system, yet is completely the opposite. This is a stinker of a play for a review site to do, it’s criminal!!!!

It's very obvious the review site in question is run by a criminal (posting fake review is a criminal offence), do not believe a single review, and never purchase off this fake review site it would be a big mistake.

I even tried to post a bad review on one of his so called good system reviews and I also tried posting a good review on one of his so called bad system reviews…..Both Of My Posts Were Denied. CAUGHT RED HANDED FAKE REVIEW SITE

Tell others about this con artist people need to be warned!

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Fiskyy » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:33 pm

I know the shady review site very well and you are 100% correct the site posts fake reviews and fake comments. The review site is definitely run by a shady marketer trying to fool people into buying lottery systems he is an affiliate of, just to make a buck, even though many of those systems he says are good have been reported as useless systems on my legit lottery system review sites. Believe me the so called Professor George who runs the shady review site is no Professor. Many shady marketers use the Professor angle thinking it give the site a legit feel, in reality most every site and or lottery system that states is from a Professor has been a fraud site.

Even more proof this is a fake review site is the fact they give on of the top winning lottery systems a bad review. They state the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a bogus software system, even post fake comments about the system. For one I use the Lotto Guy Lottery System as well as thousands of others and can tell you first hand the system is Not A Software System, it is a unique formula type system and is the only system I would recommend, so the shady review site does not even know what the system is, so caught red handed in their fake review. They do this a the Lotto Guy Lottery System does not allow affiliates, so these marketers cannot make sales commissions as an affiliate, so they bash the system hoping people will buy one of the systems they can make money from, that is their con.

Here are a few articles that also back up what I am saying, people need to know the truth!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is Not A Scam! Is A Fake Lottery System Review Site
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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by MHudson » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:52 pm

I was not aware that a lotto system review site could do this kind of fakery - but it goes to show folks just how desperate these criminals will creep down to. In running a review site, the owners should be honest and even looking at this review site myself, it's pretty obvious there are fake reviews and fake comments going on. The review site is said to be run by a Professor, he must a real loser to run such a deceptive site. I would not think showing this Professors credential to varify him would make any difference, he runs a fake lotto system review site, so his degrees would also be fakes as well.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by passion45 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:54 pm

OMG! It's very sad that there are these Bad Apples doing this sort of thing to trick people ... and as for being a professor ... very obvious he is no professor.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by CCampbell » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:36 pm

Noticed there are a few lottery system review sites that are posting fake reviews .... it looks to me that they are all from either the United Kingdom or Australia. The more honest are from United States and Canada.

The shady in question is from the UK. I would never ever believe anything from this review site and the run by a professor is total garbage, the person running the review site is a crook do doubt about.

Besides this lottery review forum, there are a few other legit Lottery Systems Reviews sites, you can check this one and see the truth.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by Jordy » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:07 am

That review site is nothing but a cover for an affiliate seller. You can easily see every system he pushes, he has an affiliate url for that particular system, meaning if some fool falls for his false advertising bull, he makes commissions. Any system he bashes, you can see he has no way to make money from it as they do not offer an affiliate to re-sell. Soooooo, his whole review site is one big lie! Also he is no professor as others have pointed out, all FAKE!

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by PTS » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:39 am

Just came across this review site and had to have a look see for myself. First off I know many of the systems the review site states are good systems and trust me, they are Not Good Systems ..... in fact many were reported as frauds and banned from clickbank. As far as the systems stated on the review site to be bad systems .... I know they are Not Bad Systems, they are just the systems that do not allow affiliates, so this idiot who calls himself a professor cannot make sales commissions as an affiliate of that system, hence has no use for it so call it bad, just ridiculous!!

Like I said, I know many of these systems and looking at the comments given by various people who are obviously just fake posts as they are stating totally incorrect information, especially the ones that they state about the bad systems which are in fact the actual Good Systems. It is so obvious what this clown is up to, the whole review site is a sham and the person running the site is just a pathetic marketer .... a real DULLARD!!

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by McNAT » Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:58 pm

So i waited for a few weeks until i had studied thoroughly with this lottery system reviews forum advice on several different systems and looked into his reviews very thoroughly before attempting to write a review. Here goes my review:

Long story short, it's all a scam and a big sham. The "Seller" is a salesman in this case pretending to be a professor to sound more legit – he is a con artist setting people up to buy lottery systems he can make a buck from commissions, using impulse thinking and fake reviews and fake comments to help sell crappy systems. See the systems he bad mouths, those will be the real winning systems as he cannot make a commission sales from, those systems are real true winning lottery systems and have no need to allow affiliates to sell, as they actually help your chances to win easier.

The lottery system reviews this fraudster posts are 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by claudette68 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:20 pm

Just got wind of this fake Professors lotto system reviews website and it most certainly is a fraud. I tried to contact this so called Professor George to ask what his full name is. I wanted to run a check on his name to verify who he actually is.....he would not tell his full name, no replies, obviously hiding who he really is. Pass this on to other on your facebook page etc let others know this guy is running a fake lottery system review site, misleading people by giving false/fake reviews on systems. Do Not Trust This Fake Review Site ( he is nothing but a con artist low life seller/marketer.

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Re: Posting Fake Lottery System Reviews

Post by chitchat » Tue May 08, 2018 4:22 am

I've reviewed many lottery system review forums and have only joined 2 - why? Most lottery system review forums are fronts for shady sellers/affiliate sellers using fake reviews, false advertising, you name it! Those review sites that have affiliate links (url that you purchase system through from a seller) are only out to steal your money, that's the bottom line folks!

Good legit lottery forums for lottery system reviews will never have affiliate links/urls only if any, the main url to whichever system they recommend. This shows they have no connection or interest in pushing the system to make a commission sale for themselves. No affiliate links equals a trusted lottery system review site.

Just take a look around on this lottery systems review forum we are on now, No Affiliates Links At All = Honest Review Site!

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